Top 10 – Sephora Holiday Sale

(yes, they're still in stock!)

The Sephora Holiday sale is almost over! Maybe you’ve already shopped a few times or maybe you’ve been avoiding the temptation – either way I want to share a few things worth grabbing. If you saw my last post, you know I kind of put the sale down, but just because I’m shopping differently, doesn’t mean I’m letting a good deal get away. Keep reading for my recommendations!

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

Easily one of my most used items of the past year – with the winter months upon us (anyone else see snow today?!) this classic is one of the few items I’m still stocking up on. I use this in the shower at least every other day and love it for shaving. L’Occitane also has several cute holiday sets if you’re looking to gift this (or something else fun!) to that self-care lover in your life.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Trio

It’s the season of lip balm! I refuse to believe you can ever have too many and this formula is such a good one. You’ve probably seen this on just about everyone’s list and for good reason! I’ve always loved this balm, but would find myself not reaching for it due to the difficult old packaging. Now, not only have they created the perfect packaging, but they’ve expanded the color range! The pink box makes this the perfect gift and is actually something I will keep and reuse. Kudos to Summer Fridays for actually listening to their customers and making sustainable packaging fashionable.

Nars Climax Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I picked this up at the start of the sale on the recommendation of Jaime Paige and WOW. This is described as having “16 hours of smudge-resistant, waterproof wear” and they were not joking around here. I’m thoroughly impressed after making it through a couple 10+ hour shifts while running around bartending without a budge on my hooded eyes. If you like a brush tip liner, this is definitely worth checking out.

Gisou Honey Infused Haircare Set

Whenever I pick up a value set, there’s typically a product or two that I’m just not as interested in as the others. Gisou just doesn’t have that problem. While the hair mask is my absolute favorite, every single product in here is gold! I’m so excited to have a travel size of each item. I really wasn’t planning on putting this set on the list because I thought there was no way it would not sell out – but here we are! Pick it up and let your hair thank you later.

PMG Divine Blush

If it’s the season of lip balm, it’s the year of blush for me. There have been so many great releases this year from liquid to powder that it’s really tough to choose just one to put on here. But based on her stunning formula and gorgeous color range it has to be Pat McGrath. This is the first time the new trios from the holiday collection will be on sale and those are just too good a deal to pass up. If those just aren’t the color story for you, I still think picking up a full size is totally worth it. I think I’ll also be picking up the Rose Inc cream blush and the Freck Cheekslime to add to my collection.

CT Hollywood Flawless Filter

I’ve really gotten away from using foundation this past year, but this product is still a staple. I keep talking about this because it’s perfect to even out your skin tone and gives such a gorgeous dewy finish. All but one shade are still in stock, but I have to say this isn’t the kind of product where you have to get a totally perfect match. I can get away with wearing shades 1-3, but I’m excited to see they expanded the shade range since I last purchased, so I am going to give 2.5 a try!

PTR Water Drench Hyaluronic Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 45

I was lucky enough to pick up this summer’s Sun Safety Kit from Sephora and, surprisingly, I found this to be one of my favorite sunscreens from the bunch. I’ve never really heard any buzz around this SPF, but I think it needs a little more love! I do generally use it on top of another moisturizer because my skin is so dry, but it’s quite hydrating and doesn’t leave a white cast or weird finish. What more could you want from your sun protection??

Tatcha Purify, Treat, and Hydrate Trio

I have featured Tatcha products again and again on this blog, and this year is no different! This set features a mini rice wash and dewy skin serum, plus the full size dew skin cream. This is a holy grail moisturizer to me and the other products are so nourishing as well – I can’t deny my skin loves their formulations (especially in the wintertime). The set retails at $76, but is valued at $114 – with the additional discount I think this is one of the best deals of the sale!

Ouai Super Dry Shampoo

Again, this is one of my most purchased products! I would’ve loved to see Ouai offer some holiday sets or bring back this Byredo collab, but nonetheless your girl has got to restock. This works really well for me with keeping oils at bay and giving a good texture to my hair. I still love trying new dry shampoos, but nothing has topped this favorite.

Sephora PRO Foundation Brush #56

Last, but certainly not least! I fell in love with this brush all over again this past year. I reached a point early in the pandemic where it was time to retire my beauty blender and get a new one – but naturally, I couldn’t see much point in purchasing right then. In a pinch, I picked up an old fave – my Sephora pro foundation brush – and I’ve not put it down since! This brush is a great size and has the perfect density. I can use this for foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, blush, or highlight. Being one of the most used brushes in my collection it has been well-loved and has held up over the years and through all the washes. I’ve not tried out any other brushes from this line so this year I’m picking up their PRO crease brush #24.

makeup packaging displayed

There are so many fun holiday sets and great products available – I have to say that shopping this sale has really reinvigorated my desire to create more often and just get back into having fun with beauty! What are your top recommendations? And what are you picking up during the sale?

Super Dry Shampoo
Lip Butter Balm
L’Occitane Almond OIl
CT Hollywood Flawless Filter
PMG Divine Powder Blush


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