Oh hey Seattle!! We are finally back on track! If you read my last post, you know we’ve been off book for a minute – and while it’s worked out swimmingly for us – I’m ready to get back to our regularly scheduled programming! Any other ridiculously detailed planners out there feel me?? This is also the first BIG city we’ve been to since Minneapolis and I am here for it!!
We rolled in pretty late the first night because, oh yeah, cities have the one thing I didn’t miss – all.the.traffic. We just had time to have dinner at Stateside and drinks next door at their cocktail bar, Foreign National. This is the one spot that really caught my eye while researching the best eats in Seattle. Their Asian fusion menu offered a welcome change of pace from our campfire meals. While we’ve learned to get creative on the road, we certainly can’t make crispy duck rolls, Korean fried chicken, or Manila clams.
We spent most of our time catching up and wandering around the city with my beautiful Aunt! While exploring Pike Place Market we managed to find the best wine and beer shop, eat some fresh fish, and of course get lost a few times. Have y’all been here before? The layout is just insane! The next day we came back in the morning to find it much less crowded. We snuck into Le Panier for coffee, croissants, and obviously macarons.
The pistachio and strawberry were my favorites!
After wandering around Kerry Park to see some city views we stopped into Mollusk Brewing. They seem to love their double ipas and stouts up here, so we were relieved to finally try a couple new sours. We found one of the most fantastic meals of the trip at The Walrus and the Carpenter. We got there early for dinner and grabbed two stools at the bar (or what Max prefers to call – action seats!) to watch the magic commence. This creative funky French-American oyster bar is just one of Chef Renee Erickson’s Seattle powerhouses. It seemed like the place to be with people bustling in and out of here and their bar next door all night. While pictures can’t do the experience justice, here’s my attempt. While the oysters were solid, the stand out was this fresh tomato and burrata salad.
I’m off to do some more camping at Olympic National Park now, so what better way to go out of town in style than with General Porpoise’s coffee and doughnuts?? Another Erickson venture, this shop puts a fun, super tasty twist on doughnuts filled with jams, curds, creams, or custards. The flavors are seasonal but our favorites were the pluot and churro doughnuts!
Next Up: Portland!

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