Boujee Tuesday: Natasha Denona Sunset Palette

Why yes, this Natasha Denona Sunset Palette is so hot fire, fresh jalapeños just appeared while trying to photograph it! I had really been wanting to try out these famed shadows for awhile, but hadn’t wanted to commit to the massive palettes with the $200+ price tag. When Natasha Denona launched the Sunset Palette at the beginning of summer, it seemed the stars had aligned. This palette gives me my perfect size, color scheme, and not to mention a much better price.

natasha denona sunset palette shadows

What’s Good Natasha?

After playing around with it for a few months, what I love most about this palette (which you’ve undoubtedly heard before) is the quality of the shades. The hype is true, they blend effortlessly and the innovative metallic and duo chrome shades are beyond stunning. Her textures are so creamy and really unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. It almost makes the texture of other metallics and shimmers feel thick in comparison.

The fact that I can easily get a complete look out of this palette has made it part of my travel kit all summer long. It even has the honor of being one of the two eyeshadow palettes that sit on my vanity. Even when I’m not primarily using it, I find myself wanting to grab Ice Cold (the highlighting shade) to pump up my inner corner, or Vulcano (a dark chocolaty brown with reddish purple undertones) to deepen my outer corner and lash line.

Now, I find myself second guessing whether or not I even want to try other eyeshadows. Marc Jacobs, you’re tempting me, but are you worth it?? Do I just want to pinch my dimes for more palettes from this brand? I think the Sunset palette is also going to be perfect for fall with all the warm browns and oranges! I’m dying to get more use out of Mandarine (a gorgeous duo chrome orange gold) and Panjin (a deep matte red with all the pigment in the world). 

What’s Next?

Now with the Lila Palette releasing one week from today, you might find yourself in the same spot I was and deciding whether or not to grab it up. It’s the same price ($129) and number of shades as the Sunset. Since her brand and quality is so established, I would be completely shocked if the new shadows aren’t the exact same quality everyone has come to love and expect. If the colors from the new palette speak to you, go for it! It may just become a staple in your collection! If that’s not your cup of tea, but you’re wanting to try out her shadows, look into the 5-piece eyeshadows. They’re just under $50 with a good color variety. This is a great way to judge the shadows for yourself before seriously investing. I’ve personally got my eye on Color 9 for a New Year’s look!  

This item is currently out of stock at Sephora and the ND website, but have no fear! Natasha Denona just announced on her instagram that the Sunset Palette will be back as part of her permanent line soon. I hope y’all enjoyed this review and that it’s helpful when considering these big-budget items! Please let me know if you’d like to see more of these kinds of posts. If you want to know what $6 foundation I wear with this, check out my recent August Favorites post!

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