Museum of Ice Cream

Save me San Francisco! Okay, but who else is excited for the Train/Goo Goo Dolls tour next year?? No? Just me? Well okay I’ll just be over here living my 2003 dreams, but lets get into this San Francisco trip! We just stopped in for a quick couple days between camping to eat burritos at La Taqueria, dim sum in Chinatown, and fresh baked goods at Tartine. We figured out the BART system and got in our share of walking around this crazy, hectic city. But one experience really stood out which is why I want to dedicate this whole post to it!

The Museum of Ice Cream

I know you might be thinking it’s a little basic, but I have unashamedly been looking forward to visiting the Museum of Ice Cream since I began planning this trip. For those of you that don’t know, this isn’t a traditional museum where there’s a lot to learn or old artifacts that have to do with ice cream. This is an interactive space with ten rooms designed to spark connection and creativity- and yes, you get ice cream in each room! Their website calls it an immersive tasting experience. Their acronym, MOIC, even stands for movement of imagination and creativity. I was expecting an Instagram paradise, but was so pleased to find that it’s so much more!

museum of ice cream unicorn

I thought Max would dread this stop and I was worried after reading reviews that crowds would ruin the experience. We opted to go on a weekday just before lunch, in an effort to beat any rush. We arrived and were in a group with just seven other people! I love that you are welcome to go at your own pace to take in the creativity. There is a guide assigned to each room to tell you briefly about the inspiration (the unicorn above is named after Gloria Steinam!) and offer ice cream treats. When we arrived we were tasked with coming up with ice cream nicknames for ourselves (meet Denim Dewberry + Betty Split!!) and swinging back into childhood. We spent a couple hours contemplating neapolitan, jumping into sprinkles, snacking on mochi, and playing a mean game of ring toss.

If you want to go but don’t know anyone in town (or if your friends are haters), don’t be afraid to get out of your shell and go by yourself! Occasionally they actually incentivize going alone with free tickets. One girl in our group was there alone, but everyone is so kind and helpful (NOT what I expected from San Francisco). The team members here are so passionate about their jobs and help to facilitate the best experience for everyone – from playing games to taking photos to striking up conversations, they truly put heart into it all.

“We, as women, are capable of anything and everything we put our minds to. Nothing can stand in our way if we believe in our capabilities and the fact that we can and will change the world.” – Maryellis Bunn

rainbow museum of ice cream

I know there are lots of places popping up trying to copy and paste the same kind of idea. You’ve probably seen this concept with pizza, or candy, or even balloons. Even still the museum has stayed successful and original. I think the sheEO and founder, Maryellis Bunn, definitely has a bit to do with that. This girl boss built and created this concept at 25 (what?!?) and hasn’t slowed down since. She hasn’t stepped away from looking to the future and trying to connect people with each other. Unlike her competitors, her foundation and purpose for her concept remains connection. It’s proven by occasionally offering free tickets to those who visit alone or without their phones.

Most recently she posted on instagram about not really having a Thanksgiving due to putting in 50+ hours on site in SF. She had to help her team make their holiday exhibit come to life. She’s certainly successful enough to not put in that kind of time and energy, but showing up goes a long way. There’s a reason this is her second year making the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

The Museum currently has their Pinkmas exhibit up and running until January 6th. You can expect lots of disco balls and pink Christmas trees everywhere! I can’t wait to see what this empire creates next!

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