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Is there a girl here who doesn’t live for fall?! We’re talking chunky sweaters, warm blankets, dark lipsticks, fall tv shows……….it’s almost enough to make you forget the terrible cold abyss that comes after (mother nature and I are not on speaking terms when it’s under 40). I absolutely loved watching videos for Jaclyn Hill’s fall favorites tag from last year (and trying to smell everyone’s fave candles) and decided to get in on the fun this year! I hope you enjoy these fall faves and try some out if you haven’t already!

Favorite Candle: Marshmallow Fireside! No matter what, I always have to pick up a few of these at Bath & Body Works. It has a warm vanilla sweet (but not too sweet!) scent and it’s something that everyone in my home can actually agree on. I also picked up Bourbon Maple (literally smells exactly like that) and Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla (can you tell I like vanilla?) to try this year!

Favorite Lip Color: Mac Captive. On myself, this shows up much more purple than how pink it looks online. It is a satin finish and for me it’s definitely a statement. Fall and winter is the time to bring out the bold colors and I love a deeper plum undertone instead of the brownish-reds that usually pop up this time of year.

Favorite Drink: Tea! All the tea. Year-round I drink tangerine tea in the mornings and occasionally I’l have peppermint or something else that’s not caffeinated before bed. In the fall I start to drink it around the clock and there’s nothing like homemade chai latte with almond milk (plus it makes your whole house smell amazing).

Favorite Blush: Becca Songbird. This was probably the hardest question for me to answer on this list. I tend to be very light handed when it comes to blush and I definitely would not consider myself a blush lover. When I reach for a blush, I lean towards blushes with more of an orange undertone like this gem from Becca! Frankly, we all know and love their blushes by now, but if you’re missing Songbird than you are missing the perfect fall shade! If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable definitely check out Wet n Wild’s color icon blush in Apri-cot in the Middle – it’s so pigmented!

Favorite Clothing Item: Jean Jackets + Flannel. Okay, I feel like if I always wear these items together its not cheating right?? I am one of those people that’s pretty much always cold, which means layers are my best friend. My boyfriend jokes that I’ve got my uniform on when I wear this, but you really just can’t beat it! It’s easy to find great flannels at vintage stores and Madewell makes my current faves. If you’re into jean jackets check out my last post for my current favorites!

Favorite Fall Movie: Interview with a Vampire. Oh Louis, Louis, Louis. Ah! I’m all about the vampire movies in the fall! What’s not to love about Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Kirsten Dunst being killer vampires? This one is my all-time fave, but The Lost Boys always gets a watch too.

Favorite Fall TV Show: Friends / Westworld. Okay, first off, I always love to watch Friends, but I always find myself watching it more in the fall because of their great holiday episodes. Anyone else marathon all the Thanksgiving episodes on Thanksgiving every year? My favorite is The One with the Rumor! You can never go wrong with Friends. I think the show I am most excited to come back this fall is Westworld. This was definitely a hard pick with all the amazing shows right now, but this one has really stuck with me since last year. Hopefully this season is just as crazy and suspenseful! (Honorable mentions: Stranger Things & How to Get Away with Murder!)

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Cranberry Sauce. I’m really not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving food in general. I don’t love turkey, I seriously hate gravy, and growing up I couldn’t stand sweet potatoes (though I’ve since changed my mind about those). The one thing I did look forward to was my mom’s homemade cranberry sauce. It literally made everything better and when we inevitably had some leftovers I would pile it on anything around. This is the first year I’m attempting to make it on my own, but hopefully I can do it justice!

Favorite Halloween Costume: Honestly, I’ve never been one to think too much about dressing up. I know that’s not the popular answer, but I am always entertaining and throwing a party on this holiday. I like to pour my heart into decorating my home and making cutesy snacks for everyone to enjoy. Almost always, I end up in all black and some cat ears, but I wouldn’t really consider that my favorite. I am hoping to one day do a Twin Peaks costume with my group and be Laura Palmer!

Bonus!! – Favorite Lip Balm: I don’t know about y’all, but my lips are so dry and when the weather turns a little crisp, they’re not exactly a fan. A few years ago I discovered Glamglow’s Poutmud treatment and it is a complete lifesaver! It’s my absolute favorite item from the brand and I love it so much! I actually keep one on my bedside table and another in my desk at work. Now this product is thick, so if you’re loving your light chapstick this might not be for you. However, it just works wonders! Whenever I use this religiously I don’t have to worry about chapped lips.

And that’s it! How fun is this fall favorites tag?? I hope you guys are getting in the fall spirit too! I started decorating today and I’m going to get flowers and pumpkins later. If you’re looking for more makeup recomendations be sure to check out my August Favorites post too! I know I’ll be creating so many fall looks with all the warm tones from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. Please please please comment and let me know your fall faves (especially those candles) below!

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  1. 9.17.17

    Some of my Fall favs stem from the Target dollar section! Lol. Anything in that area is absolutely adorable and super affordable! I also really like the Halloween bath bombs Lush comes out with every year. They added some new ones that I’m just dying to get my hands on!