36 Hours in Charlotte

At one time, even I was cool enough to briefly call Charlotte my home. Now, I just love being back in a city that gives off such positive energy. Whenever I am here I feel so motivated since everyone around is hustling and working hard on their passions. This is where I learned to do things on my own – yes, it’s OK to go see a movie by yourself – so I always have a stronger sense of confidence here (which I’m trying to bring everywhere else). The city is exploding and there is something new to check out every single day. Even though we just came with one day to spare, it was worth it! Some of these are spots I make sure to never miss and some are new finds from this summer!


Legion Brewery – This is a do not miss, don’t pass go or collect $200 if you miss this spot. This has been my absolute favorite brewery in the state (and possibly ever??) since visiting a couple years ago. They’re always bringing out interesting – but still delicious – brews and have something for everyone! Their atmosphere is unbeatable and definitely one of the cozier small breweries in Charlotte. Located in Plaza Midwood, there’s nothing better to do than spend a day here walking around to all the funky shops, cool bars and great eats. Legion now has a solid menu and an even better looking brunch too.

My friends and I hung around and played a mean game of Uno last week with our current summer favorites Hot Fuzz (jalapeño peach sour!) and Carolina Sparkle Party. Fortunately, they’re only going to get better, because they are opening a second, much larger, location this fall in South Park. You know this is already at the top of my list to check out next time I’m in town.

Midwood Smokehouse – Life just can’t get much better than having this place smother everything you order in their homemade pimento cheese. Just a couple blocks from Legion is some pretty good BBQ and bacon-wrapped jalapeños. I used to love watching football games here in the fall, but this trip we just grabbed some Q to-go.

Central Coffee – If that BBQ leaves you a little tired, you can perk right up around the corner. Central has cool spots in both Plaza and South End and just makes the most incredible coffee. I recently cut out caffeine and this the only place that really makes me sad about that. But hey, decaf works too. Their vanilla latte and almond frappe are my absolute favorites.

Lunchbox Records – Once you grab your coffee, go down the street to Lunchbox. They have a huge selection of new and used vinyl, cd’s, and tapes. In the back they have a $1 box for records in a questionable condition. While some turn out to play just fine, I got some fun soundtracks that I used for decoration in my last apartment.

*Bonus* Premier Sound – This used to be the coolest record pop-up shop, but they settled down in Tip Top market full-time a few months ago. Their selection was always super fun and I’m sure nothing’s changed. This trip was too short on time to check out the new digs, but hopefully I can get there next time.

Sabor – You need these nachos in your life! For lunch we went down to Noda to share some and take advantage of their Monday $2 Mexican beer special. I have yet to see someone take down a whole platter of these by themselves, so bring a friend! All the ingredients here are so fresh and they have a great beer/soda selection (mandarina Jarrito anyone??). The Elizabeth location is the og and is definitely worth a visit, but the Noda spot definitely held up the name. If you go on a Tuesday, make sure to get there E-A-R-L-Y because $1 tacos brings in everyone and their mama!

Heist Brewery – This was the highlight of the day! I never made it to Heist when I lived here, mostly because I heard so many mixed reviews. We went down to Noda for Sabor and decided to kill some time here until we were hungry. We were able to sit out on their patio and enjoy the day. Long story short we left with this crowler of Raspberry Pickin’ because it was just so good!

My friends and I decided to have a chill night out on Lake Norman catching up and watching this beautiful sunset. Until next time Charlotte!

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